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The Foodie

A Plate to Please Every Palate

Vacations are the perfect excuse to expand your culinary palate and explore all of the dining options offered. In the Central Coast, we're lucky to have an array of restaurants, cafes, and tasting rooms famous for the delicious recipes and great service. If you're looking to spend your getaway at the dinner table, Pismo restaurants have some mouth-watering options for you. So ditch the diet and make some reservations because the Central Coast will become your new foodie go-to.

Oceanfront Dining

There is something special about enjoying your meal while overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Many of these amazing dining spots all located near Pismo Lighthouse Suites are a great way to have an exceptional meal experience with your friends and family.

Gorgeous view of Ventana Grill Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach Favorites

In Pismo Beach there are tons of iconic spots to eat, providing amazing seafood and authentic dishes. When visiting us, we recommend these tasty options to fully immerse yourself in some Central Coast culture.

Delicious bowl of Splash Cafe clam chowder Pismo Beach


Breakfast and brunch on the Central Coast is taken seriously, it is the most important meal of the day after all! Start your day right with one of these yummy breakfast options, from huge omelettes to delicious burritos.

Delicious coffee and muffin in Central Coast

Family Friendly

Visiting the Central Coast with your family doesn't mean you can't enjoy some nice meals too! These family friendly dining options are the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones, while also experiencing a welcoming atmosphere. These Pismo Beach restaurant spots will be perfect for every member and are sure to please some of the pickiest eaters.

Yummy ice cream cone Doc Burnstein's

Wine Bars

The Central Coast is lucky to have two different wine regions, providing us with delicious wines every year! If you're looking to taste some of these amazing wines without traveling or planning a wine tasting excursion, head to these popular wine bars for a fun night on the town.

Delicious red wine pour

Culinary Festivals

Culinary Festivals are a great way to learn more about food, drinks, and the culture of the Central Coast. Our food festivals are immensely popular and are the perfect way to spend a sunny day here.

Women preparing food cooking class Central Coast

Farmers Markets

The Central Coast is famous for the San Luis Obispo Farmers Market every Thursday in the downtown area, but there are plentiful other options for grabbing some fresh, local fare. Stop by one of these markets for a cheap eat or some delicious fruit and enjoy the scenery!

Fresh local food at Central Coast Farmers Market

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