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Arts & Culture
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Pismo Beach Events & Activities

Where Education Meets Entertainment on the Central Coast

Planning a vacation can often leave you feeling responsible for everyone else's good time. But in Pismo Beach, you can sit back, relax, and let someone else do the entertaining! With everything from state-of-the-art concert venues to centuries-old churches calling the Central Coast their home, you get to choose your favorite way to experience this vibrant community firsthand. We invite our Pismo Lighthouse Suites guests to get up close and personal with Pismo Beach culture through the encounters below. 

Art & Entertainment

One of our favorite ways to appreciate the beauty of Pismo Beach is by exploring the local art and entertainment scene. Whether you connect most to music, live theatre, or artwork, here are some unique ways to take a piece of the Central Coast home with you: 

Local Landmarks

From man-made memorials to state parks, history comes to life on California's Central Coast. Not even the little ones will get bored learning about the rich history and heritage of Pismo Beach at these significant sites: 

Festivals & Events

Pismo Beach is spoiled with a balmy beach climate and community events all year long, making it the perfect destination for any season. 

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