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What To Do in Pismo Beach for the Adventurer

Clear Skies, Sunny Days, Golf Courses and More

On your next adventure in the Central Coast spend some time exploring the rugged valleys or long stretch of scenic beaches. Although we all love some good relaxation time on our vacations, this beautiful area has so many fun outdoor activities for every type of interest. Whether you're an avid hiker or want to try surfing for the first time, the Central Coast is the place for you. The best part is, so many of these fun activities are completely free. Vacations can add up to a hefty bill, so grab the family, get outside, and see California from an entirely new perspective! If you wondering what to do in Pismo Beach when you're here, consider the options below.


One of the best ways to spend some time outside during your time on the Central Coast is the various free hiking trails available. All just a short drive from Pismo Lighthouse Suites, there is a trail for the most experienced hiker to those simply looking for a relaxing stroll. The many different vantage points and lookout spots from the top of these vistas and hills provide the most incredible views, so head to one of these popular trails for a free, outdoor adventure.



The Central Coast is a popular destination for biking due to our amazing climate and easy to access bike paths. Cycling is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Pismo Beach and the rest of Central California, which offers some of the most renowned routes for cycling enthusiasts looking to challenge themselves, or for those just wanting a change of scenery. From world-class athletes and cyclists competing in the Amgen Tour amateur riders, the Central Coast draws riders from all over the world. Here are some of our favorite bike trails located near Pismo Lighthouse Suites.


Lookout Spots

The views from the varying landscapes of the Central Coast shows the abundance of nature we have right here by Pismo Lighthouse Suites. The many spots to enjoy sunrises, sunsets, or just a beautiful day in California are all available at no cost. These free destinations can add to your ultimate beach vacation here in Pismo and will surely be a great addition to your stay.


Adventure Activities

Just in Pismo Beach alone, there are so many opportunities on the Central Coast to get outside and try a new activity or sport! Although not always the free option, these organizations offer instruction and rentals on some of the best beach experiences around. So saddle up or grab your surfboard and check out some of the best ways to enjoy the sunshine. There are also Pismo Beach golf courses nearby to check out if you love spending time on the greens.

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